EXHIBITION: Brno Biennial 2010

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My two posters for PUDA GALLERY was selected by Pre-selection Committee and today is displaying at the Brno Biennial 2010.

The Brno Biennial showcases the very best of graphic design.

The Brno Biennial was established in 1963, and is thus the oldest exhibition of graphic design in the world. It regularly alternates between two subjects. The 24th year is dedicated to corporate, informational and advertising graphics and posters while the 2012 Biennial will focus on graphic design and type in books, magazines, newspapers and the digital media.
Apart from the main competition show, the Brno Biennial features a specialist symposium and a number of accompanying events, thanks to which Brno becomes a major centre of contemporary graphic design for four months.

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  1. Monika
    Posted 13/10/2010 at 13:07 | Permalink

    Prosím o kontakt na Vás kvůli workshopu. Díky

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