ÓČKO: Rebrand

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Channel O (in czech we called ÓČKO) is a Czech music TV working with a small budget, but with a wide range of viewers.
Therefore, we have developed a generic logo, which changes according to the needs of shape, color or way of animation.
Circle is the main element that defines the whole visuals.
Another important element is sound. All animations are generated by music. Channel O is a music channel, so we let the visuals be generated by music.

Visual Identity:

We decided to use the music unconventionally for generating animations and other elements. Our goal was to create diverse and variable system. We have created a set of easily editable templates. All you have to do is change the music and it generates a completely new animation at minimum cost.


The selfpromotion of Channel O uses music videos to the maximum extent. The system automatically appends a teasers in the end of music video just based on the template and the information available in the database.
And there’s another template that uses selected music videos and generates idents promoting special events or seasons. The whole visual style of Channel O is united by music generated elements.


How we make Business Card for Music television:

Live Music Generated Jingle:

PromaxBDA Europe 2013

Concept by: Lukáš Veverka & Vojta Frič
Artdirector: Lukáš Veverka
Motion Design: Lukáš Veverka, Martin Rýz, Tomáš Velc, Václav Krejčí
Production: FRAME100R

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