PHILIPS: Ambilight

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Ad presenting Philips Ambilight system.

AMBILIGHT (AMBIent LIGHTing) is a lighting system for televisions developed by Philips.
Ambilight creates light effects around the television that correspond to the video content.
Philips claims that a “more immersive viewing experience” can result.

Director: Lukáš Veverka
Choreography: Patrik Gluchowski
DOP: Dalibor Silný
Actors: Patrik Gluchowski & Sára Sandeva
Costume by: Barbora Švančarová
Editor: Lukáš Veverka
CGI: Martin Rýz & Lukáš Burda
Keying: Romain Crey
Production: FRAME100R
Agency: Comtech

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